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3m x 4.5m Extreme 40 HEX Series

This 3m x 4.5m model is the smallest rectangular gazebo in our Extreme 40 HEX collection and a popular choice if you’re looking for slightly more space from a gazebo that can still fit in a smaller area. Our gazebos are lightweight and easy to assemble, whilst still being robust enough to stand the test of time.

£80 / day

    • 40/45mm hexagonal alloy legs

    • Multi-ribbed extruded cross bracing truss bars are constructed from 26mm x 13mm tubing for maximum strength

    • Maximum headroom on highest setting = 2190mm

    • Telescopic legs with 5 adjustable height settings

    • Quick release pull pin adjusters

    • Triangular steel footplates with staking holes for secure anchoring

  • (L) 4.5m (W) 3m (H) Adjustable

    Weight | 26 KG


3m x 4.5m Extreme 40 HEX Series



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